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Karoliina Hellén

Naga Taiga Mystics

Karoliina Hellén

Welcome to Naga Taiga Mystics

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About Me

Hi there stardust! My name is Karoliina Hellén and I am a Intuitiv Shamanic Healer, Psychic Medium and Akashic reader. I have always been Intuitively gifted but I was pushed to step into my purpose of contributing to the Healing work of Others while I was myself dying in cancer. I was called to step forward as I got downloads of tolls how to heal myself. Now I am here to help others do the same.

Why You Should Join Me

If You feel a longing to connect more deeply with yourself with benefits of getting support from other like-minded souls and Spiritual Practitioners, You are in a right place. We offer weekly guidance and practices to help you to heal and embrace All of You.

A Big Thanks

Thank You for supporting this Community and the work we can offer in etheric realms, beyond borders. I feel honored to share this space with You and to Witness all the shifts and shades. All is Good. And so it is. 

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